To provide a better, more cost effective solution to equipping the worlds emergency services.

Welcome to our world of  Fire Trucks!

Our website gives a brief overview of new and pre owned fire trucks for sale.

Whatever your budget and requirements, can supply at the best price and shortest delivery time. 

We arrange transport and shipping to any suitable port in the world.  

We have over 30 years experience in the emergency services industry and our sales record is proof of our reliability and trustworthiness. 

Our sales include large mining and industrial companies as well as small Fire Departments and individuals.  We can supply references and contact details of sales if required.


New fire trucks are built to meet a customers requirements on most European, Japanese and Chinese chassis and our website shows examples of fire trucks we supply.

Second hand/used/pre owned fire trucks are sourced from UK and European Fire Departments who trust us to dispose of their fire trucks when they are replaced by new ones.  All fire trucks are tested and inspected prior to a sale, or an independent testing company can undertake this if preferred. 

Due to financial cut backs affecting most Fire Departments, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain late model fire trucks.  With this in mind we have developed new low cost fire trucks built on Isuzu truck chassis.  The Japanese Isuzu truck is well respected in most countries with dealers and spare parts available worldwide.  Since launching this in late 2015 we have sold to an oil company in Kenya and Nigeria and have current inquiries in several other African counties